who are we ?

The story of evalu


Creation of the company EVALU by Karine Monné




Today evalu is:


more than 200 projects carried out


35 customers


9 years of existence

Our values

“To be known for our commitment and our sense of teamwork at the service of our customers, by providing ingenious solutions through an open mind that respects internal and external stakeholders”.


We put a lot of energy in training to constantly improve ourselves, in order to be able to meet the challenges of the future.


We attach great importance to ensuring that all of our clients and consultants can evolve confortably with the recognition they deserve.


It is important for us to go to the end of the issues presented by our clients, and to fully carry out our missions.


Discover our CSR commitments

EVALU has been committed to an award-winning CSR approach since 2019!

our team

At Evalu, there are no language barriers.
We are a multilingual consulting firm:


Creator of Evalu and Head of Project Management, Quality & Validation Expert

Why did you create Evalu?

It is within the framework of my experience in quality within the demanding world of the manufacture of aseptic pharmaceutical products that from 1999, I approached the problem of the validation of computerized systems with the SFSTP commission “Validation of computerized systems”. For 12 years I worked successively in two consulting firms specializing in these areas. This is where I learned to respond to issues related to the quality of information systems with the aim of meeting the regulatory requirements of life science industries – pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic and also financial industries.

I created Evalu in 2012 in order to use my expertise and respond in a simple and pragmatic way to bring mastery of information systems to my clients. I also wanted to train new employees and young people in order to pass on my knowledge to them and enable them in turn to provide the appropriate quality solutions.


Junior Project Manager, Consultant in Quality and Validation of Computerized Systems

Why do you like working at Evalu?

I really like working at Evalu because it’s a company on a human scale with values that I share, such as respect. The bond between colleagues is maintained by sharing sessions, training and activities of the Ministry of Happiness organized each month by each of the collaborators. The missions at Evalu are very varied, they range from the validation of computerized systems to the participation in audits in different sectors of activity through quality assurance. The variety of sectors in which we work and of missions allows us to broaden our skills. Training opportunities such as project management or the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma certification in continuous improvement offer many prospects for development in the position.


Business Developer

What is the atmosphere at work? How would you describe the corporate culture?

At Evalu, people are at the heart of the business. We have a good working atmosphere within the team. We take time to consolidate the bonds and the spirit of the corporate group. Indeed, each year we have a seminar organized in order to do team building and strengthen the cohesion of the group. Each month a person volunteers to become the Minister of Happiness, his role is to organize an activity so that we can meet and share a good time.


Computerized Systems Validation Consultant

How has Evalu changed your career ?

When I started my career, I was not at all predestined to become a computer systems validation consultant. I studied engineering in research and development to work in laboratories. It was during my end-of-studies internship that I discovered the world of IT. I was then hired by a supplier and I was setting up LIMS. It was during a mission that I met Karine Monné, the creator of Evalu who was in charge of validating the system. Karine showed me the way and explained the validation of computerized systems. Afterwards she offered me a permanent contract and opened a door when I had never done quality work. Karine took care of my training and trusted me from the start, which allowed me to progress quickly in the field of quality.


Junior Project Manager
Consultant in Quality and Validation of Computerized Systems

What is the mission that has marked you the most while working at Evalu?

The mission that struck me the most was the one I carried out with our client Sanofi. It was my first mission as a consultant in quality assurance of computerized systems. Until then I mainly did consulting in validation and not in quality assurance. This mission is also the longest I have done because it lasted more than a year. In this new role, I learned to review the validation documentation, to approve documentation or to ensure that it complies with regulations and internal procedures. I had to make important decisions for the project and this mission represents a great evolution in my career.


Head of communication and CSR 

Is Evalu committed from a social and environmental point of view?

When I joined the Evalu team, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the real commitments of the company and of Karine, the creator of the company. Both environmentally or socially, Evalu takes the side of getting involved. In 2021 we obtained the Ecovadis silver medal and Karine decided to hire me in order to put new actions in place and obtain the Gold or Platinum medal. At Evalu, we are aware of future challenges and have decided to join a CSR support program in order to exchange with other companies around environmental and societal themes to implement new measures and actions in the near future.


Work-study engineer

Why did you choose Evalu?

First of all, because Evalu fits perfectly into my engineering curriculum in health and biotechnology, but also and above all because it is made up of a small, ambitious and dynamic young team, and that is, I find a real plus for a first work experience. We quickly feel comfortable there, we find it easier to talk to colleagues and learn skills that will be useful throughout our professional lives. Also, the field of health is an area that I think will explode especially following the current health crisis and Evalu is already working with major players, this only bodes well for the future!

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