For the 20th anniversary of the 4L Trophy student race, evalu conseil is sponsoring the 1390 crew. Good race to Louis and Quentin for this human, solidarity and sporting adventure! Follow them on this adventure: For the 2017 edition, 1450 crews are taking part in a 10-day journey covering nearly 6,000 kilometers on the roads of France, Spain and on the tracks of Morocco, which makes this race the biggest student raid in Europe.
Here, it is not a question of speed but of orientation to win. Meeting the challenge means first crossing the finish line. And to achieve this, participants will discover the full dimension of the word mutual aid. It is thanks to this mutual aid that the immense satisfaction of having accomplished a duty, the pride of having given everything for oneself and for others, will appear on everyone’s face. In addition, the crews take on board their 4L equipment and school supplies intended for the deprived children in Morocco.